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Starting Numbers

Starting in 2017, the starting numbers will no longer be coloured in the respective tournament colour, but will be personalised, i.e. marked with the first name and nationality, if registered in good time.


The personalized standard and special start numbers can only be created with an online registration until midnight on 27.09.2018, due to pre-production. After that all cyclists start with a non-personalised start number.


Beispiel Startnummern



Special start numbers have been issued since 2015. These special start numbers are reserved for athletes who have completed sporting tournaments at least 10 times. The previous fixed special start numbers can no longer be allocated due to the ordering routine and to avoid duplications. All cyclists with at least 10 entries will receive, like any other cyclist, a running start number, depending on the time of registration. To mark this special achievement, the cyclists concerned will be registered in the "Hügel Marathon Club" with a fixed membership number. The club logo and membership number appear under the first name. The previous PHM-Club members are listed in the following table.

Membership Number Surname First name Place of residence
1 Dr. Krause Helaman Prenzlau
2 Krause Doris Prenzlau
3 Schulz Michael Prenzlau
4 Dr. Kraus Robert Prenzlau
5 Freund Axel Prenzlau
6 Heß Wolfgang Nordwestuckermark
7 Hindemith Volker Berlin
8 Karstädt Sven Prenzlau
9 Merten Florian Prenzlau
10 Schulz Willi Prenzlau
11 Wollin Siegmar Passow
12 Adler Wolfgang Hoyerswerda
13 Ahlbrecht Jens Nordwestuckermark
14 Dahms Brigitte Prenzlau
15 Lampart Janusz Stargard (Polen)
16 Tietz Detlef Grünow
17 Wildermuth Martin Berlin
18 Holz Wolf-Dietrich Prenzlau
19 Tarnow Ralf Prenzlau
20 Wustrow Siegfried Leipzig